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Manual  Workflow

The following figure shows the entire workflow from bug report to catalog update.

Catalog Feedback - Workflow

Catalog Feedback - Workflow

  1. PARTsolutions User reports a bug.

  2. The report is incorporated in PARTconcept [127] - the central reporting tool - in order to be accessed by CADENAS and/or the catalog manufacturer.

    PARTconcept enables bug reporting and brings a high degree of transparency for all involved persons.

  3. Basically the manufacturer can confirm or decline the reported bug.

    • If it is confirmed appears (or the respective icons which signalize the working status (see 5).

    • If it is declined appears

  4. PARTsolutions User all the time can recall the status (via PARTconcept or PARTdataManager [see 5]).

    As soon as the bug is resolved and a part update is provided again the icon appears.

[127] A detailed description of PARTconcept is found inside PARTconcept.