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3.1.18. Local Settings - Examples

Specific settings in PARTsolutions are saved on the local desktop computer and can be changed by the user himself; e.g. the Favorites or a list of suppressed columns.

Detailed information is found under Section 3.3, “ Settings... ”.

Hide columns

Via the Extras --> Settings menu item, one arrives at the "Options" dialog. In the Table tab, the names of the columns that should not be shown can be listed (separated by commas) in the entry field "Columns to hide".

The screenshot below shows the result of the options change: Some pink colored columns were hidden so that the "ACTIVE_STATE" column is visible without need for scrolling.


In the Favorites context menu you will find the commands Export favorites and Import favorites.

This enables you to move your personal favorites to other computers.

Export favorites / Import favorites

Export favorites / Import favorites