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4.5. Post-installation/update of catalogs (standard and supplier part catalogs)

[Note] Note

Make use of catalog updates. In this way best part quality is ensured.

Via PARTupdate you can be notified on updates. On this see Section 4.5.2, “ PARTupdate - Notification on available catalog updates ”.

[Note] Note

The downloading of catalogs (*.cip) is only possible for approved customers with valid maintenance.

For verification please send an e-mail to:



Company, zip code, location, first and last name of the employee + e-mail address, which is used to login. As subject please enter "Verification of user data".

In order to post-install missing catalogs or to update already available catalogs (Standard catalogs or Supplier catalogs) use the online installation via PARTadmin.

You can call PARTadmin -> Catalog update -> Online directly from PARTdataManager.

When clicking on the button PARTadmin opens.

Post-installation / update of catalogs

Post-installation / update of catalogs

At the desired catalogs, activate the checkbox and click on Download/install selected catalogs.

[Important] Important

It is expressly recommended, in the dialog area 3. Versions, either to choose the option Keep all or the option Number of versions >=2 (default 2).

Details on catalog updates can be found under Section, “ Catalog update Online ” in PARTsolutions / PARTcommunity4Enterprise - Administration Manual.

With existing ERP integration please regard the notes under Section 4.5.3, “Catalog update with ERP integration” in addition.

Notes on the relation between software and catalog status (Geometrical search index) can be found under Section, “Dependencies between software update and update of Geometrical search index ” in PARTsolutions / PARTcommunity4Enterprise - Administration Manual.