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Manual Further information on catalog update

At a catalog update old and new version are compared. This process is running according to the following schema:

  1. Comparison of the catalog date

  2. Comparison of the projects

    Project path, Project name and Standard number are checked for changes.

    • If projects have been cancelled, this is identified by the version number of the old project.

    • If a newer version has been added, this is identified by the version number of the old project and a new project is created.

    • If it is not possible to find a relation to an existing project, a new project is created.

The points 1 and 2 are basically performed, even if there is no ERP integration.

The following point is only relevant if an ERP integration exists. See Workflow - Katalogupdate.

  1. Comparison of the project lines with value changes in the columns "ACTIVE_STATE" and "REQUESTED_STATE"

    During checking the project lines the following cases may occur:

    • Lines without link in the LinkDB

      Additional project lines cannot have a link in the LinkDB. No further checking is processed.

    • Lines with link in the LinkDB

      At all project lines, which have a link in the LinkDB, an exact checking of changes (project, table, geometry) can be processed.

    • Furthermore, before executing the update, it is determined, which values should be set in the columns "ACTIVE_STATE" and "REQUESTED_STATE".

The following flow chart illustrates the process of a catalog update:

Workflow during catalog update

Workflow during catalog update