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9.9.7. Insert condition for pipe clip

[Note] Note

Only now, after a share has been set for NR before, the condition will be effective.

  1. At the part "pipe clip" (din_3015_cfg (PC)), under Conditions, click on the context menu command Insert condition.

    -> The dialog box Condition properties is opened.

  2. In above area select that part for which the condition shall apply (here KP1).

  3. Enter name and conditions.

    TB@B = PC@NR

    That means: The width (B) of T-beam (TB) shall meet the value of variable NR of the pipe clip (PC), where NR has a unique value for each row and thus codes all possible further attributes such as type of the pipe clip, bore, pipe diameter, etc.

  4. Confirm with OK.

    -> The condition is displayed with the name assigned in dialog and if-icon.

    -> Currently the 3D view looks like this.