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9.9.6. Set Variable shares

[Note] Note

If operations with use of variables shall be performed for the determination of the correct pipe clip, beforehand for all used variables a Variable share has to be set up.

  1. In the docking window Configurator, in the context menu of the pipe clip (din_3015_cfg, PC)", click the command Variable shares.

    -> The dialog box Variable share is opened.

  2. Under Share name assign a name (here "NR").

  3. Select part and variable of the part (here KP1 and NR).

    This share is used for a correct row selection in the part "KP1".

  4. Click on Set.

    -> Share name and Variable are displayed above.

  5. Click Commit and OK.

  6. In the same way, proceed for "H1" and "S2". These shares are later used for the translation of the pipe clip.