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Manual Dimensioning *.3db Object

With the help of respective buttons the *.3db object can be dimensioned in the Sketcher.

  1. For example, if you want to enter a vertical dimensioning (here key size), then in the Dimensioning toolbar, click on the button Vertical dimensioning at 2 points.

  2. Move the mouse pointer to the first line until the snap appears and click to set.

  3. Repeat this step to create the second line.

  4. Draw the dimension line at the desired position and fix it by mouse click.

    -> The dimension lines and the dialog box Change parameter become visible.

  5. Determine the single parameters:

    • Dimension text:

      By default, "{AUTOMATIC}" is displayed in curly braces.

      "AUTOMATIC" takes the current value from the geometry.

      Define a static or dynamic or mixed static-dynamic Dimension text.

      Dimension text: static

      Add any static text.


      Dimension text: static-dynamic

      Connect the two options


      Dimension text: dynamic

      Only enter the desired variable. The respective value is dynamically generated.


      Dimension text - 3 options

      Dimension text - 3 options

    • Height: Type size

    • Arrow size:

    • Relevant digits: Specification of the displayed Decimal digits of Dimension text.

    • Offset: Distance between dimensioning line and bounding box

    • Dimension adjustment:

      Dimension adjustment: left

      Dimension adjustment: left

      Dimension adjustment: centered

      Dimension adjustment: centered

      Dimension adjustment: right

      Dimension adjustment: right

    • Automatic adjustment:

      • Checkbox deactivated: The entry under Dimension adjustment is considered in any case.

      • Checkbox activated: The entry under Dimension adjustment is only considered, if the dimension does not fit between the arrows.

    • Horizontal offset: The value determines the horizontal text shift from center.

    • Other direction: The dimensioning line is positioned on the other side of the element.

    [Note] Note

    To satisfy high design demands, you can create external preview pictures and provide it as *.pra file for example. On this see Section 5.12.2, “External creation and import/conversion of Dimensioning views ”.

    Click on the Accept changes button.

  6. Click on the Accept changes button.

    -> The newly created view will be displayed in the 3D History area.

    With the context menu command Delete... you can delete additionally created dimensioning views.

  7. Open the part in PARTdataManager.

    -> The self-created dimensioning view is now available under Technical details.

    PARTdataManager- Dimensioning views

    PARTdataManager- Dimensioning views