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Manual Select *.3db object

  1. Run PARTdesigner within PARTproject.

  2. In PARTdesigner call up the desired Geometry (*.3db).

  3. Click the button 2D derivation .

    -> The respective docking window is opened.

  4. Select the desired view type Front, Back, Right, etc. In the example Front is displayed.

  5. In the docking window History, with the secondary mouse key, call the context menu of Plane XY (there, sketch 1 had been created).

  6. Click on New 2D drawing.

    [Note] Note

    Within PARTdesigner, additional dimensioning drawings can be created and be made available for PARTdataManager. They are not saved as own files, but are part of the 3db file.

    -> The same-named context menu appears.

  7. Select an entry under View in the list field. Either a standard view corresponding to the chosen 2D selection (in this case the Description is automatically applied) or "USER" in order to insert a user-defined description.

    In the following figure USER has been chosen.

  8. At Content choose the option Accept current 2D derivation and confirm with OK.

    --> The view changes to the Sketcher.