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Manual Class "CNSGEOMBASE" -> Feature "CNS_NOSECTION"

Connection elements such as screws, nuts, rings, bolts, etc.

For connection elements such as screws, nuts, rings, pins, etc. the cutting in the 2D view may be excluded. [50]

In image 1 below you can see that with activation of the respective classification attribute only the plate is cut and not the screw itself.

Image 1: Screw not cut

Image 1: Screw not cut

Image 2: Screw cut

Image 2: Screw cut

Under Edit project -> General -> Classification > Attributes (CNS), the feature CNS_NOSECTION can be set to 1.

[Note] Note

In exceptional cases, Consulting can step in via configuration file and so declare certain directories/projects in this way.

Local changes in the project file are not target-aimed, because these will get lost at next catalog update. Changes should be performed centrally during modelling process.

[Important] Important

Information for regular customers when updating to V11:

An Update of CNS classification and affected catalogs is mandatory.

[50] As of V11 the declaration in ifacecommon.cfg is not necessary. In exceptional cases it may be used further on. See Section, “ Block [NoSection] ” in PARTsolutions / PARTcommunity4Enterprise - Administration Manual.