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Manual Defining first condition

In order for drill and butterfly screw to be fitting regarding diameter, a condition has to be defined.

  1. Therefore open the Conditions context menu of the butterfly screw.

  2. Select the command Insert condition.

    -> The Condition properties window is opened.

    The following condition has to be fulfilled:

    The Nominal thread diameter of butterfly screw must match the Diameter of drill.

  3. Name: Enter a name for the condition.

  4. Right-click on the field Condition 1.

    -> The corresponding context menu is opened.

  5. Choose the menu item Choose variable....

    -> The Variable browser window is opened.

  6. The variables of the plate are displayed when you click on the abbreviation PLATE in the field Parts.

  7. In the Variables of part field, select variable D, the diameter of the boring.

  8. Confirm with OK.

    -> In the Condition 1 field, the following shows up:


  9. Open the context menu of the Condition 2 field and define the second part of the condition.

  10. In the Variable browser, under Parts select BUTTERFLYSCREW and on the right, under Variables of part, select the variable DG. DG is Nominal thread diameter of the screw.

  11. Confirm with OK.

  12. As operand set "=". All options for the selection of an operand can be seen, when opening the list field by clicking on the arrow.

    =    equal
    <    less
    <=   less or equal
    >    greater
    >=   greater or equal
    <>   unequal

  13. -> In the Condition properties window, the expression PLATE@D=BUTTERFLYSCREW@DG must now be shown.


    In words: The diameter in the boring of the plate corresponds to the thread diameter of the butterfly screw.

  14. Confirm with OK.

    -> Dialog area Configurator: The condition (if) <Name of condition> (here "Diameter") shows up.

    -> The thread diameter of the butterfly screw is oriented to the boring diameter of the plate.

    When selecting platte under Assembly, the corresponding Table is displayed.

  15. Test of condition:

    1. Under Assembly select "plate". -> The corresponding table is displayed.

    2. Now choose the characteristic with drill diameter 6 mm for D, for example.

    3. Now under Assembly, click on "fluegelschraube". -> The corresponding table is displayed.

      -> Only butterfly screws with a Nominal thread diameter of 6 mm are still shown for the connection.

    4. Click on any line.

      -> The assembly is completed.

      -> Diameter of boring and screw are matching (however, length is not yet matching).