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Manual Plate: Assign connection point (Drill) and butterfly screw

A butterfly screw is to be added to the start element plate via connection point Drill.

  1. Open the context menu of Drill.

  2. Select the command New rule.

    -> The Rule properties window opens.

    In the Connection part field, all parts which may be connected, and which are contained in the Configurator docking window, are listed.

    If you mark one of these parts, their possible connection points are displayed in the Connection point field.

  3. Under Name, set a (unique) name for the rule.

  4. In the Connection part field, click on "butterfly screw" as well as in the Connection point field on expression "FS" and confirm your entries with OK.

    -> Docking window Configurator: The connection is now marked by a connection line between Connection point of first part and Connection part.

    -> Docking window Assembly: The connection point Boring has become part of the plate.

    -> The 3D view shows the Connection point as a green triangle.

  5. Then in Assembly, open the context menu of the connection point boring.

  6. Select the command Rule 1 (ex.) insert or as an alternative, click on the preview image of the butterfly screw.

    --> The butterfly screw is transferred into the assembly structure. As by the plate, the symbol is still crossed out, since there are still several characteristics.

  7. Click on the "butterfly screw".

  8. In the corresponding Table, select a characteristic.

    -> The butterfly screw has been inserted into the Assembly. In the 3D view it is located in the characteristic of the connection point boring, however it does not quite correspond to the diameter of the boring.