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Manual Define second condition

A second Condition should make sure that the Length of the butterfly screw is oriented to the Thickness of the plate. The screw may never be shorter than the plate height + 4mm.

So in the dialog box Condition properties following expression has to be stated:


For the procedure go in line with the approach described under Section, “Defining first condition ”.

-> Dialog area Configurator: The second condition (if) <Name of condition> (here "Length") shows up.

Test of condition:

  1. Under Assembly, select "plate". -> The corresponding table is displayed.

  2. Now select the characteristic with Hight 6 mm for H, for example.

  3. Under Assembly, click on "butterflyscrew". -> Corresponding table shows up.

    -> Only butterfly screws with a length equal or greater than 10 mm are available for selection.

  4. Click on any line.

    -> The assembly is completed.

    -> The conditions are fulfilled:

    • Drill diameter equals screw diameter

    • Screw length at least 4 mm more than hight of plate