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Manual Recursive hierarchical connection of single cable elements

The attribute CableRecursiveComposition (CNSELEK|8|1) contains the recursive hierarchical connection of the single cable elements.

The reading happens from the left to the right and top down.

Example 1 (for the clarification of the syntax of CableRecursiveComposition)

Compact depiction analogously to the field entry.


Cable _ID|0 is the root element.

The root element covers 2 cable bundle.

Cable bundle 1 contains 6 cores.

Core 1 and 2 do not have a shield and are not twisted.

Core 3 and 4 have a shield and are twisted.

Core 5 and 6 also contain a shield and are also twisted.

Following depiction is subdivided in order to make the logic of syntax more comprehensible.


Content of CableBundle_ID|1{..}:

CableCore_ID|1, CableCore_ID|2,
CableShield_ID|SH1{..}, CableShield_ID|SH2{..}}

Content of CableShield_ID|SH1{..}:


Content of CableShield_ID|SH2{..}:


The logic of the content of CableBundle_ID|2 is analogously.

Example 2 (in order to clarify the depiction in E3)

Following figures exemplarily show the structure of a more complex cable:

Example E3: Component - Tree

Example E3: Component - Tree

Example E3: Component - Graph

Example E3: Component - Graph

The outer jacket contains the part name.

On the first level, the cable consists of a all-encompassing shield (SH).

This contains two cable bundles named 1 and 2.

Cable bundle 1 contains four twists named 1, 2, 3 4,

Cable bundle 2 contains four not-twisted cores.