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Manual Plugin "Resolve check"

Use case:

ALL parts have to be findable via CNSORDERNO and CNSTYPECODE, even those where CNSORDERNO and CNSTYPECODE are built from value range values. In order for value ranges to be considered during search and the single values to be found, they have to be indexed.

For catalogs without value ranges there is no need for indexing.

If the number of possible combinations resulting from the value ranges is too big, no indexing will take place, but instead a Reverse Search is used, which enables finding of value range values as well.

The Resolve check will check if catalogs can be resolved in the full-text search index or if a Reverse Search is needed.

If the catalog is accordingly prepared even in most complex cases searching for Order number or Type code will be successful.


Right-click on a catalog or directory -> Automation -> Resolve check

The initial check may last a bit depending on catalog size.


The result of the analysis is displayed in a dialog box.



When clicking on Apply the respective settings are automatically performed.

Details on this can be found under Section, “ Resolve check ”.