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Manual "Resolve check" Plugin

Use case:

In order for value ranges to be considered during search and the single values to be found, they have to be indexed.

For catalogs without value ranges there is no need for indexing.

If the number of possible combinations resulting from the value ranges is too big, no indexing will take place, but instead a ReverseConfig is used, which enables finding of value range values as well.

There is a plugin available, which checks if catalogs can be resolved in the Lucene index or if a ReverseConfig is needed.


  1. Right-click on a catalog or directory -> Automation -> Resolve check

  2. After a few seconds / minutes the result is displayed.


The result of the analysis is displayed in a dialog box.



When clicking on Yes, the respective setting option under PARTproject -> Edit project -> tabbed page General -> Search index creation -> Index order numbers dependent on value ranges is automatically set for the catalog and all projects.

Index order numbers dependent on value ranges

Index order numbers dependent on value ranges

Furthermore in Excel, a list of all projects is opened, which clearly shows for which projects a ReverseConfig has to be created (recognizable from the parameter <not resolvable>).

Details hierzu finden Sie unter Section, “Resolve check ”.