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Manual Benefits of classification according to CNSORDERNO and CNSTYPECODE

The benefits concern all product ranges and users of CADENAS products and applications accessing CADENAS.

For example, the classification can be used in the following scenarios:

  • All supplier parts in PARTsolutions catalogs can be found via Order number / type code.

    -> Search in PARTdataManager for Order number or type code .

  • Article assignment with PARTdataCenter (New or existing customers with Parts Management)

    See Section 1.1.6, “ Article Number Search - Automated assignment by order number ” in PARTwarehouse Manual.

    Example: PARTdataCenter

    Example: PARTdataCenter

  • Enrichment of catalog data in eCATALOGsolutions

    • Data with additional value

    • Replacement parts

    • Accessories

    • Alternative products

    • Translations

    • Many other ...

  • Generic creation of vendor catalogs (merging tool)

  • Connecting partner portals

  • Simplified call of (embedded) portals without deeplinks