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6.3.2.  Activate QA

In order to get access to SVN-managed catalogs, QA has to be activated:

  1. Start PARTproject.

  2. In the Extras menu, click on Settings....

    -> The same-named dialog box opens.

  3. Activate the following options:

    • Automatic save (optionally)

    • Activate QA (mandatory)

    • Update index after downloading catalog (recommended)

      If all PARTdataManager functions shall be used for testing, activate this option.[60]

Immediately after setting the option Activate QA and confirmation with OK SVN-managed catalogs show symbols[61] concerning editing status and version management. Furthermore you can find the context menu command Versioning system in addition now.

Context menu command "Versioning system"

Context menu command "Versioning system"

[Note] Note

In the directory structure, both SVN-managed catalogs and locally installed catalogs are displayed. You can recognize SVN-managed catalogs by symbols for QA status and version management.

[60] Activated option results in extended download time.