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6.3.3. PARTproject QA: Svn Login

If you have not yet logged onto the SVN catalog server, the dialog box Svn Login appears.

Svn Login

Svn Login

Using the command under Versioning system -> Change login you can call this dialog anytime.

Fill in your Username and Password.

Timeout: (date in seconds)

  • When "default" is chosen or an invalid entry has been made, the default value is chosen.

  • When 0 is entered infinite is chosen as timeout.

For example, if you have a bad network or Internet connection, set a high Timeout value, in order to avoid the timeout.

In this case following message would be displayed:

[Note] Note

This setting only affects the SVN client (meaning download, update of catalogs, etc.). Other connections are not affected by this setting.

Use proxy

If a use of proxy is necessary, please check with your administrator.

If you fill in a proxy, pay attention to the following syntax:

"proxy-server" : "PORT" (no prefix "https://")

As in the address of proxy server:


Confirm by clicking on OK.

Role selection (normally not on the customer's side)

If there is only one role available, you will automatically receive your specific/personal role and the associated rights and there is no selection dialog.

If several roles are available the dialog box Select QA role is displayed.

Select QA role

Select QA role

The following roles are available:

  • Editor

  • QA group leader

  • QA project leader

  • Catalog manufacturer

  • External Worker+Partial Publisher

  • Project Coordinator