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6.3.3. PARTproject QA: Svn Login

If you have not yet logged onto the SVN catalog server, the dialog box Svn Login appears.

Svn Login

Svn Login

Using the command under Versioning system -> Change login you can call this dialog anytime.

Fill in your Username and Password.

Timeout: (date in seconds)

  • When "default" is chosen or an invalid entry has been made, the default value is chosen.

  • When 0 is entered infinite is chosen as timeout.

For example, if you have a bad network or Internet connection, set a high Timeout value, in order to avoid the timeout.

In this case following message would be displayed:

[Note] Note

This setting only affects the SVN client (meaning download, update of catalogs, etc.). Other connections are not affected by this setting.

Use proxy

If a use of proxy is necessary, please check with your administrator.

If you fill in a proxy, pay attention to the following syntax:

"proxy-server" : "PORT" (no prefix "https://")

As in the address of proxy server:


Confirm by clicking on OK.

Role selection (normally not on the customer's side)

If there is only one role available, you will automatically receive your specific/personal role and the associated rights and there is no selection dialog.

If several roles are available the dialog box Select QA role is displayed.

The following roles are available:

  • Editor

  • QA group leader

  • QA project leader

  • Catalog manufacturer

  • External Worker+Partial Publisher

  • Project Coordinator