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10.4.10.  Technical view

In this section you can find details on the setting options of Technical view .

  • General: See Section 10.4.2, “General settings”.

    [Note] Note

    You can indirectly control the distance between the single derivations by Width or Height (compare above figure).

  • Technical view:

    • View name:

      Declaring the view by its name is not recommended, because the name can be different at the single parts.

      Better declare the technical views as numeric listing.


      [Note] Note

      The numbering starts with 0.

      [Note] Note

      For some assistants, technical previews (*.pra,*.2db, etc.) have to be added, which are not defined in the project. In this case directly enter the path.

    • Start view / End view:

      Alternatively you can declare a range. The value for End view should be chosen high enough, in order for the technical views to be displayed in any case.

    • Arrange automatically:

      The automatic arrangement has the following systematics:

      • 1 view: 1 row, 1 column

      • 2 views: 1 row, 2 columns

      • 3 views: 2 rows, 2 columns

      • 4 views: 2 rows, 2 columns

      • 5 views 3 rows, 3 columns

      • etc.

      If the option is deactivated, the setting under Rows / Columns is used.

    • Rows / Columns: Declare the arrangement explicitly.