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7.8.10.  Save location: Only in geometry | Only in table | In geometry and table

[Note] Note

You have already modelled parts in earlier versions of eCATALOGsolutions? Then you will recognize fundamental innovations at a glance. In V11 you won't find the module PARTeditor anymore. It has been completely integrated in the module PARTdesigner.

All PARTeditor functions are available in PARTdesigner now, so that annoying switching between different working areas is unnecessary. Comfortable working with docking windows, which can be adjusted in size and position, is already known from PARTdataManager. Now this functionality is also available in PARTdesigner.

Even if you are working in one single user interface - which is more comfortable - be aware of the following facts:

  • A parametrical 3D model is created. These data are saved in the file type 3db further on.

    And a characteristic attribute table is created, which "fills" the parametrical 3D model. The table data is saved in the file type tab or tac further on.

  • In the Variable Manager there is a parameter Save location with the following options:

    • Only in geometry -> Data storage in 3db file

    • Only in table -> Data storage in tab/tac file

    • In geometry and table -> Data storage both in 3db file and in tab/tac file

    Depending on the chosen mode, when clicking on Commit, the data is saved in the corresponding file type or in both.

  • When designing a model there are two general options: First create the model [Designer mode] (with fixed values or with a single "prototype" table row) or first create the characteristic attribute table [Table mode].

    Both methods have their specific advantages and disadvantages:

    • First create model:

      With Save location "Only in geometry" you can create a simple 3D object (without further specification options and without the possibility to create attribute algorithms or value ranges. So it may be appropriate for simple parts or for demo purposes.

      A small example on this can be found under Section 7.4, “Create 3D model: Small example from A to Z ”.

      The training example "Cap nut" can also be retraced completely with option Save location "Only in geometry". See eCATALOGsolutions Training manual.

    • First create table:

      When creating complex parts normally this approach is preferred. Using Save location "Only in table" or "In geometry and table" you have the option to create Value range variables and Attribute algorithms.

      A small example on this can be found under Section 7.5, “Create table: Small example from A to Z ”.

  • Depending on use case you can use mathematical functions in the sketch (saving in the 3db file) or in attribute algorithms (saving in the tab/tac file).

    Explanations on this can be found under Section, “Using mathematical function in Sketch or Attribute algorithm?”.

    Please regard possible differences in syntax. See Section 15.1, “PARTdesigner-Expressions ” and Section, “Mathematical functions (Attribute algorithm) ”.