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Manual  Use SVN protocol optionally

As of V11 SP9 the SVN protocol can be used in PARTproject . In contrast to HTTPS it offers a significant speed advantage when uploading large catalogs.

[Note] Note

The SVN protocol can only be used inside the internal CADENAS network.

Activate the usage of the SVN protocol in the configuration file qasettings.cfg.


Once required settings have been made an additional checkbox SVN protocol is shown in the dialog box Select catalog when checking out catalogs.

Already downloaded catalogs can be relocated to the use of SVN protocol by using the context menu command Switch Subversion protocol.This way an already checked out catalog has not to be checked out again (relocating back to https is also possible).

-> The dialog box Change SVN protocol appears with a security prompt, which has to be confirmed by clicking OK.

If the option SVN protocol is activated, the dialog Svn Login will show a second password line Password(SVN).

Allocation of the second password is an administrative task and you have to apply for it.

This second password then has to be inserted under Password(SVN), otherwise the authentication will fail.