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5.13.7. Create Published elements


Published elements are part of the CNS classification, so it has to be installed mandatorily.


Published elements are geometric elements (connection points, coordinate system, sketch, plane), where additional information can be attached like placement information or meta information.

[Important] Important

May be that certain connection points are only available for certain project rows!

For a row-conformed 3db display please mark the tab/tac file and select the desired row in the table. Now return to workspace of published elements.

Working area

Respective working area is opened, when selecting a 3db file under Project selection.

Within the preview you can find different context menu commands:

Alternative working area

Advantage of the above described working area is the direct relation to the respective geometric elements such as connection points, for example.

If the name of the elements to be classified is known, you can alternatively select the respective project and then edit under Edit project -> tabbed page General -> Classification -> Classification (CNS) / Attributes (CNS). On this see Section 5.13.5, “ Add projects to classification ”.