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Manual Published element - Select face

The creation of a published element on a face will be exemplified below.

In PARTproject, mark the 3db file in the Project selection.

--> To the right the 3D preview opens.

Select a face on the assembly.

Call up Face in the context menu.

-> The work area is becoming visible.

Activate the checkbox in the "Named face" row.

-> An additional row shows up for the entry of the element's name.

Enter the desired identification (in this example, F3) and close the entry field.

Now the "published element" is displayed in the dialog area of the same name.

Continue with further elements.

[Important] Important

If a face is published, there is a chance that it may no longer be able to be displayed at a lower Level of Detail. In order to avoid this, the LODs must be defined manually and not automatically.

For more information, see: Spezielle Anpassungen.