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Manual  "Adjust order number and type code" Plugin

With this plugin you can assign variables to the Order Number and Type Code Classification, step by step for all projects. Specify a variable. The plugin runs through the whole structure and classifies all these projects which contain the specified variable. After this a listing shows for which projects the assignment was successful and for which not. Now you can specify another variable for the next step of assignment, as long as all projects have been classified accordingly.


Copy orderno.vbb, orderno.cfg“ and orderno.def into your plugin folder (CADENAS/libs/all/plugins)[4]

  1. In PARTproject, under Project selection, select the desired directory level (catalog root or any other directory) and then start the script under Automation -> Modify order number and type code.

    -> The dialog box Order number and Type code is opened.

    Under Set values, select the desired option.

    In the above exemplary figure you can see, that in the dialog area Projects under CNSORDERNO, the variable ARTNR is assigned 1812 times.

    24 projects don't have an assignment yet for CNSORDERNO.

  2. Supposed you would like to assign the variable ARTNR2 to these 24 projects, enter it in the input field and click on Apply.

    (The process may last a moment.)

    -> The variable is entered in the field Variable with order number.

[4] If you need these plugin files, please contact CADENAS Support.