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6.1.  Which objectives are achieved with PARTproject QA?

  • Under PARTproject QA, you are only working with SVN-managed catalogs, so that the whole process of catalog creation becomes transparent.

  • The release status of a catalog can only be reached, if it runs through all of the steps up to the release status 8 (release by the customer).

  • It is always apparent who has the editing rights. Only one person may work on a project at one time.

  • More than one person may work within a catalog directory.

  • Corresponding symbols help get an overview to which QA-status a project/directory currently holds. From here, the respective responsibility is automatically reduced.

  • Further symbols make the editing status, in which the respective project/directory is currently situated, visible.

  • An analysis of processes can be carried out at any time - when and how long a catalog part was situated in which status level.

  • The control of QA State Generation and Live State Publication can be directly performed from PARTproject. Detailed Information on this is found under Section 6.10, “ Publish catalog ”.