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9.9.3. Insert condition for double T-beam

In order that the correct row will be selected in the T-beam when selecting a row in the dummy starter part, a condition has to be created.

  1. At the part "Double T-beam" (T)", under Conditions, call the context menu command Insert condition.

    -> The dialog box Condition properties is displayed.

  2. Enter following condition:

    D@H = TB@H

    That means the variable "H" in the dummy starter part shall equal the variable "H" in the double T-beam.

  3. Confirm with OK.

    -> The condition is displayed in the tree with the given short name and if-icon.

    if-condition "DTB"

    if-condition "DTB"

  4. Build the configuration again. Now there is no error message anymore.

    At each change of row, in the table of the dummy starter part, the variable values of the T-beam are automatically adjusted.