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9.9.2. Insert double T-beam into "Assembly" via rule

Now the T-beam shall be taken into the Assembly.

Define a rule for the connection between "dummy starter part" and "double T-beam".

  1. At the connection point of the dummy starter part (cp_dummy_tbeam), call the context menu command New rule.

    -> The dialog box Rule properties is opened.

  2. As connection part, select the T-beam (din_1025_s) and as connection point IP1.

    Activate Reverse direction and Exclusive, in the list field, select Permit automatic build.

  3. In the docking window Assembly, insert the T-beam.

    Currently an error message will still appear, because a definition is missing which characteristic of the T-beam has to be chosen for which table row in the dummy starter part. An assignment between the two tables is missing.

    No valid table line selected - MIDENT

    No valid table line selected - MIDENT

    The problem can be solved by adding a respective rule. See next section.