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9.9.4.  Add shared connection point for starter part

Now in the next step a pipe clip shall be inserted.

[Note] Note

The pipe clip has its own start element.

Only the connection points of the pipe clip start element are available as connection points to the T-beam!

In order to establish a connection to the T-beam, you have to mandatorily share a connection point of the pipe clip.

The starter element of the subassembly does not have to be a dummy starter part mandatorily; however, it may make sense due to complexity. In this example none is used.

  1. In the context menu of the pipe clip, click on Add shared connection point.

    -> The dialog box Rule browser is opened.

  2. Determine the starter part of the assembly (here "KP1") and the connection point in the starter part (here "Zentrum Rohr").

    Rule browser

    Rule browser

    -> The rule "Zentrum Rohr_KP1 -> KP1" is inserted into the configuration tree.