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Manual  Geometry

The dialog box Identification data automatically appears with opened tabbed page Geometry when saving a 3db/3gb file.

Alternatively, it can be called anytime in context menu of part name with a click on Identification data....

Call via context menu of part name

Call via context menu of part name

  • General:

    Details and comments on the respective part: Part name, Author, Company, History, Last change

    [Note] Note

    Author (Username), Company (Company name) and Catalog key (Company key), in Identification data, are taken from the Settings.

  • Part data:

    • Measure unit

  • Licensing :

    • Catalog key

      [Note] Note

      The catalog key is specified in the following schema:


      At the beginning always CNS2009*CATALOGS* is set. The supplemental catalog name is in upper case and may contain numbers (without separators and special characters).[a]

      The specification of a correct catalog key is mandatory.

      [a] As of V9 the catalog key starts with CNS2009*CATALOGS*

All field entries may be set as default for other parts (File -> New) via Set as default e.g. if company name or author are always unchanged.