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5.13.11.  Classify BIM parts

The CADENAS intrasystem classification CNS also includes classes needed in the BIM field.

  • The class CNSSPECPROPARC provides attributes for tender short and long texts among others. The specific content is created in form of media variables during the catalog modeling. The specific naming of media variables depends on the respective manufacturer.

    The export formats GAEB or ÖNORM, for example, then again use those variables' content. So the content can be shown in any tender software.

    Information on this can be found under Section, “Classify tender texts”.

  • For the referencing of symbols, the CNS classification especially provides the classes CNSCAX|GFX|1 (Symbol connector) and CNSCAX|GFX|SYMREP (Symbol representation). An example for this can be found under Section, “Symbol or Layout Representation in BIM Field”.