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5.14.4.  Settings via configuration file

[Note] Note

Concerning tolerances, please ensure appropriate config settings! With very small parts (<0,01mm) and very large parts with small details (40m steel band with 1mm roundings), problems may occur.

As of V11SP4 there are three default templates für the Q&S Import ($CADENAS_SETUP/partsol.cfg):

  • strict

  • lazy

  • lazy crash

These templates should be used in this sequence.


[Note] Note

"partsol.cfg" entries are identically read and interpreted by PARTproject and PARTdataCenter.

If the part to be imported contains 2D faces, which however should not be imported, $CADENAS_SETUP/ifparasolid.cfg has to be adjusted.

Either set

- ImportProcessorPreFilterBody on 5601 or set

- ImportProcessorPostFilterBody on 5601.

For ImportProcessorPostFilterBody: Copy line from ImportProcessorPreFilterBody, adjust it and set on 5601.

Difference: With ImportProcessorPreFilterBody 2D faces won't appear at all when importing, with ImportProcessorPostFilterBody the elements are removed.