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5.14.5. Post-processing

The following working steps are optional, but make sense:

  • Create indexes

    Create indexes for Full-text search and Geometric Search.

    [Note] Note

    The display index is automatically created.

    -> Afterwards all search methods are available:

    Now you can search for article numbers or material master numbers, just for all textual table values.

    Full-text search

    Full-text search

    Geometric search (3D)

    Geometric search (3D)

  • Technical views

    Subsequent insertion of technical previews in the form of pra files is possible.

  • Mixed catalogs

    Mixed catalogs are allowed. That means a catalog may contain a chapter "A", for example with parts or assemblies created by eCATALOGsolutions and a chapter "B" with parts created by the command Batch import neutral formats (Quick and Simple).

    [Important] Important

    Mixed assemblies are not allowed.

    That means, projects created by Batch import neutral formats (Quick and Simple), may not be used in assemblies together with projects modelled regularly.