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Manual Create new mapping

Directly after opening of the dialog box the right side is still empty.

When you want to create a new mapping, then perform a double-click on the desired "gray" class. The dialog box (the wizard) Map class system opens.

[Note] Note

Does it matter, whether eClass 4 is mapped to eClass5 or the other way around?

Yes, it does matter. This shall be explained with a small example:

eClass 4 class 01-02-03-99 has been split in:

  • eClass 5 class 01-02-03-01

  • eClass 5 class 01-02-03-02

  • eClass 5 class 01-02-03-03

  • eClass 5 class 01-02-03-04

Then a mapping from eClass 5 to eClass 4 could work automatically (all projects, which use one of the four eClass 5 classes are classified to the one eClass 4 class).

But a mapping from eClass 4 to eClass 5 would not work, because the mapper does not know, which of the four classes should be taken.

In order to solve theses cases, the mappings from eClass 5 -> eClass 4 and eClass 4 -> eClass 5 are two different mappings.

In the following sections you can find information on the single dialog pages of the wizard.