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Manual  Levenshtein strategy

Here you can define, how the classes of the two class systems shall be compared to each other.

Options for the class mapping:

  • Attribute:

    In the list field select the desired method:

    • Name of the class

    • Visible Id (e.g. 23-01-17-43)

    • Internal id, without version

    • Internal id, inclusive version

    Select that method with which presumably the most defined mappings can be made. Single entries in the result can later be reworked with another method. See Section, “Edit mapping”.

  • Language: In the list field select the desired language.

  • Start with the same character: Optional

  • Maximum character distance: The entered number determines the number of maximal allowed different characters between two field entries.

Options for the class variable mapping:

Here you can find the same setting options as under Options for the class mapping.

Close by clicking on Finish.

After a certain processing time (depending on the size of the classifications) the result is displayed in the dialog box pproject.