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3.5.4. Regular Bodies for VDI Models

Modeling for the VDI field should ideally be performed with simple regular bodies[12], in order to ensure a correct export into the VDI format.

The following describes, with the help of examples, how bodies should be designed, meaning the number of features, feature types, etc.

In general terms: Bodies should be modeled as simple as possible.

Please note: VDI export ONLY supports feature color, NO surface color. It is also essential that in $CADENAS_USER, in the configuration file debug.cfg, in the section [PDESIGNER], there is a key allowFeatureAttribueAll=1. If a debug.cfg does not exist yet, please create the file.

The following features should not arise in VDI models in any case:

  • Extrusion with inclined angle

  • Sweep

  • Rounding (neither directly in the sketch nor with the "Blend" feature)

The simplest bodies are ball, cylinder and box. Modeling with these regular bodies results in an optimal output for VDI. They do not have an occurrence of "TRANS" or "ROTA" in their VDI code.

  • Ball: Sketch with semicircle -> Rotation with 360 degrees

  • Box: Sketch with rectangle -> Extrusion

  • Cylinder: Sketch with circle -> Extrusion

If something cannot be modeled with regular bodies, you can also use bodies which have "ROTA" (rotation) in their VDI code.

Examples with VDI code:

  • No occurrence of "TRAN" or "ROTA".

    Example "Cube"

    970;1;Cube 100 7;;QUAD;0;-50;-100;1;0;0;0;1;0;100;100;100;

  • Occurrence of "ROTA"

    Example "Torus"

    970;1;Torus 100-25 7;;QUAD;-12.5;-62.5000000000004;-12.5000000000002;1;0;0;0;1;0;125;

In the following listing, different bodies are subdivided in the categories 1 to 4. Bodies from the categories 1 to 3 may be used. All not mentioned there fall under category 4 and may NOT be used.

  • Category 1

    Bodies of first order (regular bodies): Ball, box, cylinder

    (no occurrence of "TRANS" or "ROTA" in VDI code)

    • Ball


    • Cube


    • Cuboid


    • Cylinder extruded

      Cylinder extruded

    • Cylinder rotated

      Cylinder rotated

  • Category 2

    Bodies of second order

    "Cone Rotated" based on a rotated triangle

    (does not belong to the regular bodies of first order, however, also does not have "TRANS" or "ROTA" in VDI code)

    • Cone rotated

      Cone rotated

  • Category 3

    Bodies of third order

    Once a bevelled rectangle is rotated, "ROTA" occurs in VDI code. A rotated circle also results in "ROTA" in code (Torus and Torus sector).

    • Cone truncated rotated

      Cone truncated rotated

    • Torus


    • Torus sector

      Torus sector

  • Category 4

    All bodies not mentioned above fall under category 4 and should NOT be used.

[12] "Regular bodies" are solids created on the base of very simple sketches such as semicircle, rectangle or circle, for example.