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Manual Example for a rotative simulation with an AFAG RE-50 rotary module
  1. Switch into the configuration mode in PARTdataManager and check which rule is the connection between the moveable parts – e.g. module and table. Open the rule then.

  2. In the area Positioning, the checkbox Rotationfree“ must be activated and also Min. and Max. values must be specified according to the physical limits of the “real” product.

  3. Click on Simulation, then Add, choose Actuator > Actuator Linear > Physical Limit (Rotation) and confirm with OK.

    Determine the attribute values according to the real product.

  4. Optionally, motion profiles can be set up. Compare above.

  5. Finish with a click on OK.

  6. In the Configurator menu, click on Save configuration.

  7. The part is ready for export and testing now. See below.