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Manual  Mark lines as expired...

Depending on specification of catalog manufacturer, an expiration date can be set for projects.

It can be set for the whole project or differently for single lines. Information on setting for the whole project can be found under Section, “Menu item Expiration date (End of Life) ”.

In this section you can find information on manual setting of expiration date (EndOfLife) per line. Information on automated setting per line can be found under Section, “ Set EndOfLife per line ”.

In PARTdataManager, the expiration date is displayed in the Part view. A respective icon is shown at the beginning of the line. At mouseover a tooltip with the stored information is displayed. If needed, replacement projects can also be displayed.

PARTdataManager Part view

PARTdataManager Part view

In the following, procedure and setting options are described:

Under Project selection, select the desired tab file (tac doesn't work and has to be renamed to tab temporarily) and in the table on the right, at the beginning of the desired line, click on the context menu command Mark lines as expired....

PARTproject - Mark lines as expired...

PARTproject - Mark lines as expired...

-> The dialog box Mark lines as expired is opened.

Dialog box "Mark lines as expired"

Dialog box "Mark lines as expired"

Now you have following setting options:

  • Status:

    Both parts are valid (replacement project determined)

    Only new part is valid (replacement project determined)

    Canceled without replacement, temporarily available (no replacement project determined)

    Canceled (no replacement project determined)

      Läuft nicht aus (standard line without any labeling)

  • Expiration date: The Expiration date can be set to a fixed value (Date) or controlled by a variable value (Table variables).

    • If choosing Date, click on ... and make the Date selection in the dialog box.

    • If choosing Table variables, in the list field, select the desired variable, where the expiration dates are stored. (Optionally, this column can be shown in PARTdataManager.)

  • Message before expiration (In days): Number of days before the labeling (icon, tooltip) is displayed.

  • Replacement projects: If you want to specify one or more replacement projects, click on .

    -> An Explorer window is opened.

    Specify the replacement project and click on Open.

    -> The dialog box Select table line is opened.

    Specify the desired line and confirm with OK.

    Dialog box "Select table line"

    Dialog box "Select table line"

    -> The replacement project is displayed in the dialog area Replacement projects.

    Replacement project entered

    Replacement project entered