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Tips & Tricks

Have a look into PARTcloud's unique features!


Export a WebGL 3D HTML file.

2Augmented Reality

Create AR overlays via PARTcloud.

3Virtual Reality

View your models in a virtual reality mode.

4Holographic Visualization

Uploaded models are ready for holographic presentation.

5Cut view

Have a look at the profile or the inside of 3D models.

6Upload STL and STEP

Upload your parts as STL or STEP and download them in 15 other CAD and Graphic formats.

7Real 3D

Upload and enjoy your 3D Models with your glasses in REAL 3D!

8CAD Upload

Directly share your CAD Designs with the Upload Tool

9Leap Motion Control

Connect your Leap Motion Device to rotate and scale your 3D Models with your hands.

10Geometric Search

Find similar parts - searches and compares parts according to the respective CAD geometries.

11Search by Sketch

Search for uploaded parts with the help of a simple sketch.


Your Parts can be shared via several social media platforms and embedded into your own blog or website.