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Manual Attributes - Definition - attributedef.txt

The file attributedef.txt is used for assembling the tables in PARTsolutions. All Attributes must be described here.

attributes_definition.txt - 1

attributes_definition.txt - 1

attributes_definition.txt - 2

attributes_definition.txt - 2

The file contains the following columns:

  • Class name (directory name)


    Al classes and subclasses are listed here.

    If a class/subclass contains several attributes (variables), the row is written as many times as needed (in the example "Zylinderschraube" respectively with 'D', 'L', TextA and TextB) (see Fig. „Variables in PARTdataManager“)

  • Attribute name (variable name)


    Contains the names of the attributes [variables] (as many as needed) of the class.

    Variables in PARTdataManager

    Variables in PARTdataManager

  • Attribute definition


    Defines the attribute type:

    • A: text

    • F: floating point number

    • I: integer

    • D: Document link[12]

  • Unit (optional)


    The unit is displayed in the header in PARTdataManager (see Fig. „Variables in PARTdataManager“).

  • Number of decimal places

    ANDZ: decimal spaces for attribute type "Floating"

  • Attribute naming for value range fields

  • Attribute descriptions

    ATBEZ_german, ATBEZ_english, etc.

    These columns contain the attribute descriptions in as many languages as you wish.

    The attribute description is displayed in PARTdataManager in the column header of the subtitle (for example, length) (see Fig. „Variables in PARTdataManager“).

  • DISPLAY_VALUES_german, DISPLAY_VALUES_english, etc. (optional)

    Optionally contains values of the list fields for the variable search on the Search tab page.

    Variable search with value selection in the list field

    Variable search with value selection in the list field

  • MODE (optional only if launch takes place with "-update")

    The following values can be added:

    • add: The corresponding class with attribute is newly added.

      [Note] Note

      Works even when the file attributedata.txt does not contain any associated data. An empty column is then created.

    • del: The corresponding attribute is deleted.


    For text attributes which are to be translated, set a '1' in this column. (In the example above at "TextA" and "TextB".)

    [Note] Note

    Concerns only the translation of the "VALDESC_Sprache" columns.


During the variable search in PARTdataManager the attributes are shown respectively.

PARTdataManager - Variable search

PARTdataManager - Variable search

[12] as of V9.03 SP3