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Manual  CloudNavigator Example - Textual search and GeoSearch with part comparison
  1. In the example in hand we will initially perform a Full-text search. This is opened and activated at program start by default.

  2. The Full-text search is performed with the following settings:

    • Current selection (ISO) [select "Norm" -> "ISO" at the Catalogs tabbed page]

    • Search for parts

    • Full-text search with the following term:

      hexagon bolt D=10 L=50

      Detailed information on syntax is found under Section, “ Full-text search ” or directly out of the application by clicking .

  3. Click on Start Cloud Navigator.

    -> The view changes at the CloudNavigator tabbed page. The graph shows concrete single parts. You can recognize this at the respective icon . When you move the mouse over a result, then a tooltip appears. There you can see the characteristic M10x50, which exactly meets the condition.

  4. In the next step on a result part a GeoSearch shall be performed.

    [Note] Note
    • You can choose a new option under Search in, select another catalog for example or search over all catalogs.

      Regardless of whether a Standard Search or a Cloud Navigation Search is performed, set the desired option here.

    • You can also change the settings under Search for. In this example the setting has been left on the option parts (which makes sense at a geometric search).

      Regardless of whether a Standard Search or a Cloud Navigation Search is performed, set the desired option here.

    • When the Cloud Navigation Search is used, then the settings in the search methods area only matter at the initial search.

      Further searches are selected via result parts in the graph.

    Open the context menu at the desired part and click on Geometric Search.

    Result: The search part of the GeoSearch moves into the center of the graph and the result parts are grouped around the search part.



    The results of the first search (here Text Search) and second search (here GeoSearch) can be compared side by side. With pressed mouse button you can move the graph as a whole or single nodes. At each node you can find the context menu command Zoom, wherewith you can move the desired node into the center.

  5. Now two hits shall be loaded into the Part comparison.

    At the Cloud Navigation Search you reach the part comparison via context menu -> Common context -> Part comparison.

    Once select Load as first part and once Load as second part.

    -> The Part comparison dialog box is docked and the desired parts are transferred.

    You can find detailed information on the part comparison under Section, “ Part comparison ”.