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Manual  CloudNavigator example - Variable search and modification side by side

[Note] Note

The example in hand uses ERP integration.

At the Variables search in the CloudNavigator you can compare two slightly modified search runs side by side.

In this example it is searched under "DIN -> Bolts -> Head cap bolts". (The dialog box shows the according geometric variables.)

  1. Call up the Variables search and set the value 5 for the variable D.

  2. Click on Commit.

    -> The settings are displayed in the search methods section.

  3. Click on Start Cloud Navigator.

    -> The view switches to the CloudNavigator tabbed page and shows the resulting graph.

  4. Now anew call up the Variables search via context menu of the root node.

    -> The Variable Search CloudNavigator dialog box opens.

  5. In the line of ERP_PDM_NUMBER insert the place holder symbol '*'. Thus at the next search run the result parts have to have an ERP number.

    Now you have two options:

    1. Change Search

      The result of the preceding search are deleted and a new search is performed based on the changed settings.

    2. New Search

      The result of the preceding search is further displayed and another additional search is performed based on the changed settings.

  6. In this example the option New Search is selected.

    -> The second search with the additional parameter only delivers one result.

    You can compare the results of both search runs directly side by side.

    With the same method optionally further modified search runs can be performed and compared.