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Manual Meaning of status colors
  • Green:

    • Projects: At least 1 row (property) has an ERP connection.

    • Values: For the value there are currently valid projects with at least one row which contain this value and have an ERP connection.

  • Orange:

    • Projects: The project contains ERP connection. These do not correspond to the value specifications. At least one value selection exists (red or orange) which excludes rows with ERP connection.

    • Values: For this value there are projects with one corresponding ERP connection. The currently set default however excludes this value. At least one selection (of a red/organge project or a red/orange value) must be removed in order to get the value to "green".

  • Red:

    • Projects: The project contains no rows with ERP connection.

    • Values: There is no project with at least one row that contains this value and an ERP connection.