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Manual Search for: Part families or single parts?

  • Search for parts

    Searching for single parts only makes sense, if the expected result does not have too many rows. This is either because it has only a small number of rows or the search process is already filtering rows. Automatically this is the case when using Geometric search (3D) or Topology search with specification of size for example or Full-text search with additional specification of variable values.

    Example for Full-text search:

    hexagon bolt 10 50

    The mode "Search for parts" is especially important when searching own part catalogs, because often heterogeneous parts with quite different look are collected in a classification project.

  • Search for parts and part families

    In this mode you can both access part families and characteristics within these. At first the result list is displayed compressed only with part families. However, when clicking on the button at a result part, below all found characteristics are displayed.

    [Tip] Tip

    Once you opened a part, you can filter in the column header.

    For more details please see Section, “"Details" display mode ”.

Detailed information on this can be found under Section, “ Search for Parts | Part families and Parts ”.