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Manual Settings

In order to create the 3D PDF data sheet, a layout template must be defined. This contains information on how the data should be arranged on the PDF.

[Note] Note

A standard template or a company template according to the corporate design may be used.

You can create your company template via PARTtemplateDesigner yourself or commission CANVAS, CADENAS' own marketing agency.

The CADENAS standard template does not include a 2D derivation, for example. It is however possible at all times to create templates with 2D derivation.

The templates are filled with Standard text, Standard number, preview images, U3D image (interactive 3D view),[90] technical previews, 2D derivations, table values, etc.

Adobe Acrobat Reader Version 8.x is recommended when using 3D functionality.

All displays correspond to the table row chosen during export.

CADENAS standard template

CADENAS standard template

Company-specific template - Example 1

Company-specific template - Example 1

Company specific-template - Example 2

Company specific-template - Example 2

In the PDF data sheet the option Shaded view can also be selected for the 2D derivation. The creation is much quicker and is a good alternative, because no real line depiction is needed.[91]

Template specific to the company - Shaded view

Template specific to the company - Shaded view

You can display the Windows user name and the mass of the part/assembly in the PDF data sheet. The mass declaration is important among others, in order to be able to calculate the carrying charge. The user name is interesting for company internal data sheets e.g. at incoming orders, when the data sheet is enclosed to the order.

  1. Open the export format in PARTdataManager via the icon PDF Datasheet .

    -> The dialog box Export in PDF datasheet format opens onto the PDF export options tabbed page.

  2. Select template

    The standard selection Use default-template is activated.

    [Note] Note

    Leave the activation alone. For all standard cases the setting is correct.

    If company standard templates are available for the currently selected catalog, you may select these from the list field Plane, otherwise please select Cadenas.

    Derivation view Select

    [Note] Note

    This setting is only relevant if the template stipulates the display of a 2D derivation.

    • Overwrite derivation view from template:

      • Is the option set, the setting is under Derivation view in the list field will be used.

      • Is the option not set, the presetting from the template will be used independent of the setting under Derivation view. If no presetting has been made in the template then the setting under Derivation view in the list field will also be used.

    • Derivation view:

      • 2D derivation

      • 2D-Derivation

      • Shaded View

    • Open generated datasheet (optional)

  3. Via Browse ... set the path to the Destination file.

  4. Table tabbed page -> Remove column from table:

    On the Table tabbed page you can remove columns from the table for the data sheet view. Activate the checkbox for all columns which you do not want to be displayed.

    • Under Export options optionally adjust the Export accuracy.

      In the list field select the desired accuracy:

      • Current selection

      • Low

      • Medium

      • High

      • Very high

      The part is calculated with the set level of detail before the export.

      This function is identic with the level of detail option in PARTdataManager, but here only temporarily for the export.

    [90] For use of 3D functionality, Adobe Acrobat Reader is recommended as of Version 8.x.

    [91] As of 9.03 SP2