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Manual Application

The 3D PDF data sheet was developed for the platforms PARTcommunity, PARTserver and PARTsolutions (as of V8.1.08) (as well as Offline CDs). Using the data sheet function, a 3D PDF document can be created from an online catalog or from a local installation. The view can contain a 3D model, 2D view with dimensioning and photo-realistic images, a characteristic attribute table, and many more characteristics.

  • Important for catalog manufacturers is that no changes must be made to the catalogs when creating 3D PDF data sheets, because the data sheet is automatically loaded into the already existing eCATALOGsolutions catalog data.

  • Due to the unique data sheet definition, the 3D PDF data sheet is mainly interesting for the end user. All catalogs at all PARTsolutions workstations produce identical worksheets which drastically improves internal documentation. In addition, all 3D PDF data sheet users receive all information in an summary which greatly supports product selection.

  • After creating the 3D model the data sheet is immediately available and through the support of the 3D function, exhibits and innovative method with a low error rate.

  • The 3D PDF data sheet is available in several languages for PARTcommunity, PARTserver, PARTsolutions and Offline CDs.