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Manual  Replace

After you have opened Replace in the PARTsolutions menu, the widow with the same name shows up in CoCreate Modeling.

Click the part to be replaced.

-> The part is inserted in the Part field.

  • If you like to replace all instances of this part in the assembly then activate the check box All parts.

  • If you like to replace some other instances of this part then add these in the Selection field. Therefor click on the Selection button and after this on the desired part. -> The selected parts are inserted in the field one after another.

Finally confirm your selection with the green checkmark.

-> The view turns to PARTdataManager. (The default procedure is described under Section 2.6.6, “ Replace ”.)

Assembly with parts to be replaced

Assembly with parts to be replaced

Choose part to replace

Choose part to replace

In PARTdataManager choose the replace part and click on Transfer to CAD .

-> The before chosen parts are replaced in CoCreate Modeling.