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Manual "Cost mockup" report

If you especially want to focus on the costs side, choose the Cost mockup report.

This report provides prices of search and comparison parts in addition, so that you can perform a rough costing on this base. Hereto a respective price column has to be available.

  1. In the index tree, select a supplier parts directory or a certain supplier part, in order to search for comparable parts in other supplier catalogs, which could possibly be used as alternative.

    [Note] Note

    The generation time depends both on the size of the source parts pool and on the amount of supplier catalogs (directories) to be searched. In order to get a quick overview on the functionality best select a single source part and 2 or 3 supplier catalogs to be searched.

    [Note] Note

    The report involves the column with the price information (and any further columns - if desired).

    Columns used for the report have to be visible in the part view.

  2. Call the report creation via context menu command Purchineering -> Cost mockup -> Create report..., alternatively via Extras menu -> Purchineering -> Cost mockup -> Create report....

  3. -> The settings dialog is opened.

    Under Threshold in % choose 90 for example.

    State the price column of the source (here PRICE).

    In the section search in following directories activate the desired catalogs or subdirectories.

    Settings dialog for "Cost mockup"

    Settings dialog for "Cost mockup"

    Add the user defined variables.

    At Cost Mockup Report, especially the adding of price information makes sense, possibly also adding the ERP_PDM_NUMBER.

    Details on the settings dialog are found under Section, “Setting options for "Make or Buy", "Find suppliers", "Cost mockup"”.

  4. Start the report generation with click on OK.

    -> The analysis is started. In the dialog box Running report generations on server, you will get informed about the progress.

  5. Result

    Once the report has been created, it is automatically displayed on its own tabbed page. The tab label (here "Cost Mockup Report") is analogously to the entered name in the settings dialog. You can easily switch between the different tabbed pages and in this way call the report again anytime.

    At first you see the following listing under Overview:

    • Best price within the found parts

    • Price at the best match



    Under Results you get a listing of all matching comparison parts within the respective catalog, according to the settings with ERP number and price in addition.

    A description on the single icons is found under Section, “Icons in "Make or Buy", "Find suppliers", "Cost mockup", "Unmachined / Finished part report"”.

    A description on the single buttons is found under Section, “Buttons ”.