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Manual Buttons

In the opened report you have the following functions available:

  • Search part in this report...

    The function is available for Duplicate search, Make or Buy report, Supplier search and Cost mockup.

    When clicking on the button, the dialog Search part is opened.

    For example, search for keyword, article number, material or release status.

    Preferably search with the setting parts.

    By double-clicking on a search result you jump to the respective place in the report. Then scroll to the desired part.

    [Note] Note

    With "Ctrl F" an input field for a keyword search on the opened page is opened.

  • Print

    The standard Print dialog is opened.

  • Open report folder (HTML)

    The reports folder is opened. All created reports are saved under $CADENAS_DATA\shared\reports\....

    Due to the central storage, reports can be accessed across departments.

  • Export

    You can export the report in different formats.

    Click on the little black arrow in the downright corner of the button.

    -> A menu with the following options is opened:

    • HTML...

    • ZIP...

    • Send ZIP as Mail...

      Communication across departments:

      Send the report as an email

      Send the report as an email

      After clicking OK, the e-mail client is opened with attached report.

    • PDF...

    • CSV...

      The Export CSV dialog box opens.

      Following Export options are available:

      • File name: Determine the export path.

      • Separator: e.g. semicolon

      • Ignore duplicate search results:

      • Fields: Determine the Variables, whose values shall be included in the CSV file.

        With a click on the button Edit custom variables the dialog box Custom variables is opened.

        Custom variables

        Custom variables

        Here, you can specify variables which later will be displayed in the report additionally. They are shown at each part.

        Possible are both ERP variables and variables from the characteristic attribute table.

        At first click on Add in order to add a new line.

        • Variable type:

          Via double-click into the line under Variable type the list field opens with the following options:

          • ERP

          • Table

        • Variable:

          Via double-click into the line under "Variable" a list field with the following options opens:

          • Options at variable type "ERP":

            At selection "ERP" the ERP variables of the table are read and displayed in a list. You can also enter any other value.

          • Options at variable type "Table":

            The characteristic attribute variables of the search directory (search source) are listed. You can also enter any other value.

        • Labeling:

          Enter a labeling by clicking on it. This will be displayed in the report later.

        • Unit:

          Optionally you can state a unit.

          If the variable has no own unit, the entered unit is displayed.

          If the variable has a unit, the value is converted - if necessary. (Currently conversion is only possible at the type "Variable".)


          The diameter in the table is given in inches. You have stated mm as unit. -> The value is automatically converted from inches to mm.

        [Tip] Tip

        Already used settings are saved.

        In the list field, select the variable combination to be used in the report. When moving the cursor over an entry, all variables are shown with their description in a tooltip.

      • Enable multithreading: Possibly makes sense in order to accelerate the process when using large files, if table variables shall be taken into the CSV. Especially in SSDs and network drives the activation should have a positive effect.