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2.5.3. CATIA macro interface installation

This macro integration description is valid for following versions:

  • CATIA V5 R24 ff. (64 Bit)

  1. PARTsolutions Installation

    Install current PARTsolutions version.

  2. CADENAS environment variable

    Make sure that your environment variable CADENAS is set.

    Via control panel, open the dialog area "Environment variables". The CADENAS environment variable points to where the software is installed (locally).

    For example, for a standard installation this would be:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\cadenas\partsolutions\software

  3. Copy needed files for CATIA interface

    1. Current interface files, provided by CADENAS, copy from ..\iface\catia folder into the software interface folder (..iface\catia) of your PARTsolutions installation.

    2. Current config files ifcatia.cfg and ifcatiav<5|6>macro.cfg provided by CADENAS, copy from setup folder into the setup folder of your PARTsolutions installation.

  4. Make CATIA environment configuration

    1. Click on Windows Start -> CATIA -> Environment editor to open environment editor.

    2. Click on Environment -> New to create a new environment.

  5. Add link to your interface icons

    Open and edit following Cadenas.txt file:


    The key value of CATGraphicPath has to point to the interface icons:

    CATGraphicPath=%CATGraphicPath%;<interface installation path>

  6. Add PARTsolutions Interface functions to CATIA

    1. Open your CATIA environment.

    2. Create a new toolbar by clicking on View -> Toolbars -> Customize.

    3. Switch to the tabbed page Toolbars.

    4. Click on New....

      -> The dialog box New Toolbar is opened.

    5. Under Toolbar Name, enter PARTsolutions.

  7. Add macro library

    1. Click on Tools -> Macro -> Macros....

    2. Click on Macro libraries and then on Add existing library. Here you can choose the path to macros.

      C:\Program Files (x86)\cadenas\partsolutions\software\iface\catia\VB\V5

  8. Enable your toolbar and fill it

    1. Make right mouse click on toolbar and in context menu on your created toolbar (in this case PARTsolutions).

    2. In the View menu, click on Toolbars -> Customize.

      -> The dialog box Customize is opened.

    3. Switch to the tabbed page Commands.

    4. On the left, under Categories, select the point Macros.

    5. On the right, under Commands, select one of your commands.

    6. Click on Show Properties....

      -> The dialog box Command Properties is opened. (Button description is changed to Hide Properties...).

    7. Under Title, enter the desired display name of the function. (In above picture "Replace")

    8. Now you can add the command from the dialog area Categories -> Commands per Drag & Drop to your toolbar.

      -> The interface icon set before is shown now.

Available functions




Insert 3D

Start from PARTdataManager and transfer of PARTsolutions parts from PARTsolutions to CATIA V5.


Replace PARTsolutions part against another


Seamless is started and a geometrical search is performed.

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