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Manual Example 1 - No filter set

Without any filter

Without any filter

  • Green projects contain at least one row with an ERP number.

  • Green values show that at least 1 project exists which contains a row with this value and an ERP connection.

  • Red projects have absolutely no rows with ERP connections.

  • Red values show that there is no project which contains a rows with this value and an ERP connection.

  • Orange projects or values cannot exist without presetting (filtration)!

  • If you select a red project or a red value, there is no method on a green path.

    This results in:

    1. accepting that not all single parts in a connection will contain an ERP number. It is possible to assign an ERP number (or connection) to the entire connection. See Section, “Create and edit ERP connections ”.


    2. assigning an ERP number for specific components (single parts). See Section, “Save single part ”.