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Manual  Variables search : The most important at a glance
Description of function

Using the Variables search you can search for values of certain variables.

ERP-Variables are always displayed in the dialog box (when using an ERP integration). With these variables you can search catalog-spanning.

Furthermore the common geometrical variables of a selected directory level are displayed. The above figure is exemplarily showing the common variables of Norm -> JIS -> Bolts - Screws - Nuts - Washers - Screws -> Screws.

[Note] Note

Please regard that under Search in, the option Current directory or Fix directory is selected.

Example: Current directory (Screws)

Example: Current directory (Screws)

  1. In the opened menu of enhanced search methods, click on Variables search.

    -> The same-named dialog box is opened.

  2. Enter a value at one or several variables,

    -> The respective line is marked by an icon .

    Search for "D" and "ERP_PDM_NUMBER"

    Search for "D" and "ERP_PDM_NUMBER"

  3. Determine the logical operator.

    =     equal
    >     greater
    <     less
    >=    greater or equal
    <=    less or equal
    x-y   from to

  4. Optionally, you can manually add variables.

    After clicking on Add variable, an empty row is added. Enter variable name and value. By clicking on the entry can be removed again.

    Example: The variable "P" has been added with value 2.

    Example: The variable "P" has been added with value 2.

  5. Click on Commit.


    Takes over all changes and closes the dialog box.

    Start Variables search via Start search.

    Commit and Search

    Closes the dialog box and starts Variables search.


    Closes the dialog box without saving any changes.

    -> The selection is displayed in the dialog area of search methods.

  6. Click Start search.

    -> The results are listed.

Common variables are also displayed in the dialog area Suggestions. On this also see Section, “ Variables search: Call from dialog area "Suggestions"”.

The Filter Assistant is also based on these common variables. On this also see Section, “Docking window Filter Assistant: Quick filter search with auto filter ”.